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Top 5 Techniques for Website Optimization 2016/8/18 22:44:23

Page optimization directly affects Google indexed amount of your site, and indexed amount is an important part of Page Strength. The page and site structure can be controlled, i will make an introduction to site page optimization at this aspect.

Page Title
The page title is the most important factor of page optimization, mainly in the title tag. Within the same site, even if they have the same subject, different content. The page title should be different, and they need to have its own unique title. Title is the major factor in page optimization, the search engine will directly determine relevance of the page, so the different pages with duplicate title is fatal. It gives not only the poor user experience, but search users can hardly know what the content of your page.

The Tags
You should make good use of tags in page optimization, page tags (keywords): it should be the main core keywords. Description tag (description): making use of a paragraph to express the meaning of the page, try to make every pages have different description tags. Image tag (alt): If there are images, add alt tags.

Content must be relevant to your site, about 200-300 words. In the content, you need to highlight the keywords. It is important that keywords appeared in the first 50 words, but do not repeated the keywords.

Streamline Codes
When search engine spider enter your website, every steps of the spider is to extract the text content. What we can do is to reduce the difficulty that the search engines extract the text content. And we are doing site optimization, streamline html code. We try our best to minimize unnecessary html code, where we can delete tables, comments etc. We need call external css to reduce file size, if the fire is too large, the search engines can only index parts of the file.

Anchor Text
Anchor Text contains internal link and external link, of which internal link has significant meaning. Internal links should be related to page keywords, and anchor text is the most important basis of page subject. We can completely master internal links, adding anchor text when the page contains other pages' keywords.